Dear customers and visitors,


We can finally offer you our boat rentals again.

We try to prepare as many boats as possible so that they can be made available to you this Pentecostal weekend.



In order to combat the spread of coronavirus, we ask all our customers to respect the distance in front of our counter and on the pier.

To show up at the cottage for rental formalities by wearing a mask and keeping it until your boat leaves.

Our MOST electric boat will remain limited to 10 passengers during the rental for the time being, in order to comply with government rules.

On the way back, before arriving at the pontoon with your boat, we ask that the passengers put on their masks and keep them until they leave the cottage after the formalities closing your rental.


You can take advantage of our online reservations in the morning for the afternoon to make it easier for you to wait in front of the cottage.


Thank you for your understanding and very good walk to all.